Cloud Computing Germany Market Survey

2020 Cloud Computing in Germany Market Survey: Updated Version Available

A revised edition of the 2020 Cloud Computing in Germany Market Survey is now available. The new edition includes the results of the two Corona Special surveys (May/June and October 2020) as well as the GAIA-X Short Survey carried out in the fall of 2020. Further information on the new version of the Cloud Computing Market Barometer Germany 2020 is available at

„The past year confronted us as market researchers with special challenges as well. First, COVID-19 caused us to add a Corona Special to the general survey. In addition, we conducted a first short survey on GAIA-X in fall. At the beginning of this year we now have incorporated all the results of the various survey phases into the 2020 market survey report,“ explains Werner Grohmann, publisher of the Cloud Computing in Germany Market Survey.

Cloud Computing in Germany Market Survey– The latest Facts and Figures on the German Cloud Computing Market

The Cloud Computing in Germany Market Survey provides a current vendor-independent status as well as a forecast for the future development of the German market for cloud computing solutions from a provider perspective. Since 2009, we have been regularly running surveys on software-as-a-service and cloud computing in Germany. This enables us to present a complete picture on the German cloud computing market for more than a decade with the latest trends, but also trend reversals compared to the surveys of previous years.

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